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Malawi Mission - Agro Project - Feed a Pastor Programme

Agriculture is the largest sector of the Malawian economy contributing more than a third of the GDP and generating more than 90 percent of total export earnings. Around half of the citizens in paid employment work in the agricultural sector and 85 percent of the population are supported by the agricultural industry.

Tobacco is the dominant foreign exchange earner for the country. The other main domestic exports are sugar, tea, pulses, cotton and coffee.
The main subsistence crop is maize which is grown by most smallholder farmers. Other subsistence crops include sorghum, pulses, millet, fruit, cotton, rice, groundnut and root crops.

The vision is to purchase land in Malawi to establish an agricultural project. This will be associated with the Mission Holiday Village and help to feed the missionaries visiting the complex, the orphans and other vulnerable children at the orphan care centre. 15 acres have been sourced along the shores of Lake Malawi, seen here with the lake in the distance.

United Caribbean Trust has purchased an acre of land for a local pastor this will be a trial to see if this land can be utilised to help feed the pastor, his family and some of the members of his church. It is our desire to see all of the Sponsored Pastors housed in a church associated with the Orphan Care
Centre and given a small parcel of land to assist with their feeding programme.

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