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Restoration Ministries International - WHAT WE BELIEVE

Restoration Ministries accepts the Holy Bible as the inspired and revealed word of God and adopts the following statements as fundamental truths and doctrine.

Jesus is perfect God and became man on earth. Two whole and distinct natures, yet one PERSON artwork by Kim Smith a member of Restorations MinistriesThere is one triune God, revealed as the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. All are co-equal and co-eternal.

Jesus is perfect God and became man on earth. Two whole and distinct natures, yet one PERSON. His virgin birth, sinless life and death on the cross were the only means of redemption for lost humanity.

  • All men have sinned and are in need of salvation, which has been provided through the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a gift from God and can only be obtained through repentance of sin and faith in God


  • The Lord’s ordinance of water baptism is confirmation of the believer’s salvation. All believers should be baptized in water by immersion The ordinance of Communion is a commemoration and celebration of the Lord’s death.

he baptism of the Holy Spirit  compliments of Kim Smith a local artist The baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the spirit are bestowed on believers in order to prepare them for Christian service.

  • God’s great commission is to preach the gospel in all the world, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.
    • The return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be visible and is imminent. This event will be followed by His millennium reign on earth, the resurrection of the believers to everlasting life and the eternal damnation of the sinners.
      • The Devil is a real being, evil in nature, and determined to defeat the purpose of God. He was exposed and defeated by the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.


      • The Church is universal, comprising people of all nations and race.


      • Each local Church should be indigenous and autonomous. Ordaining its Elders and Deacons.


      • Abundance and success in every area of life have been provided for by Christ’s work on the cross

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