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Apostle Cheryl A. Fortson

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Integrity, commitment, obedience, radical faith and an intimate relationship with the Godhead, are just a few things Pastor Cheryl would like to remembered for. She firmly believes that everything God has said in His Word is final authority and absolute truth. This has caused a steadfast faith to develop in her life.
Apostle Cheryl has witnessed the results of what a family rooted in Christ can accomplish. She has been married to John R. Fortson, Sr., since January 23, 1965. Pastor John assists her in the ministry at Full Gospel. They are also the proud parents of three married adults children who also serve in the ministry with them. John Jr., and Doreen Fortson, Darryl and Christine Fortson, and Chervon and James Hodges. They are also the proud grandparents of twelve grandchildren, five godchildren, and a great host of spiritual children.
Apostle Cheryl pioneered the Full Gospel Foundation Building Ministries Church of Bloomfield Connecticut, in June of 1994. She has studied in several theological schools and received her Doctorate degree in June of 1994. She serves as the Co-host of the New England Prophetic Conference held each year in August under the leadership of Apostle John E. Wilson and the St. John's Full Gospel Deliverance Church.

God has anointed Apostle Cheryl with the gift of Prophetic Teacher as well as the ministry of healing and deliverance. She firmly believes that through the impartation of her gifts from God, believers will mature and come to a more intimate relationship with God; fulfilling their purpose and establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth, as militant soldiers for Christ.

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