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Barbados Christian Vacations


Visit Barbados, a beautiful Caribbean island, with coral sandy beaches perfect for soaking up the hot Barbados sun, with cooling trade winds ideal for keeping you comfortable.

A perfect place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world.

You may like to visit the heritage homes enjoying the old plantation Great Houses or stroll through beautiful tropical gardens.

Or you may prefer to swim with the turtles on the west coast, or sail the calm Caribbean waters.

Hike the rugged east coastline of Barbados and visit isolated beaches may be more to your taste.

Your choice may be to watch international cricket, exploring underground caves, or experience a diversity of cuisine, dining under the stars... it's all a matter of choice.
Barbados'  Harrison's Cave

Or you may like to get involved in a humanitarian experience, play a game of football and share your faith in a local village setting, you may prefer to visit one of the children’s home and do some child evangelism.

You may be more practical and want to do some painting or decorating, or you may want to just rest in the sweet presence of God and return home refreshed and Spiritually renewed.

Barbados with its great natural beauty and charm, is un-crowded enough to allow you to enjoy a getaway experience, but with enough activities to make your Barbados Christian vacation both relaxing and exciting at the same time!

We at The WISH Centre are able to help you with whatever your choice. We can help organize your ministry activities we are able to provide your team with comfortable homely accommodation for up to 84 people.

You can bring your church youth team and we can connect you to some great Christian youth on the island, enjoy roasted breadfruit and coconut water and praise God under a beautiful tropical star studded sky.

We can tailor make your Christian vacation experience depending on not only your choice but your budget.

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