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The WISH Centre Vision

UCT's vision is to establish a crisis intervention centre on the Property that will assist pregnant women, infants and children called The WISH Centre.

The WISH Centre will provide a safe haven to facilitate healing, deliverance, restoration and transformation to children in crisis and to provide pregnant women with alternatives to abortion.

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Life Centre’
The WISH Centre will open a ‘Life Centre’ for pregnant women who feel that abortion is their only option.

Provide support for mothers through such things as parenting and vocational training programs and general counselling, a place to stay for the duration of their pregnancy if necessary.
Life Centre’
Guided by mutual respect compassion and unconditional love
Assisting with facilitating guardianship/foster care assistance for those who desire this; build a baby foster care annex onto the Life Centre called ‘Moses’ Basket’.

The WISH Centre will provide a safe haven for children in crisis on the Island in a loving and safe foster care environment through our in-house PEARYL program

At The WISH center, a strong emphasis will not only be placed on the females entrusted to its care, but to fostering positive psycho-social aspects in children as well.

(Project for Enriching And Restoring Young Lives)

UCT is aware that the current volatile economy makes purchasing the Property and maintaining the operations of The WISH Centre unrealistic if we are dependent solely on donations. With this in mind UCT has developed a business plan which is intended to fund the purchase of the Property and sustain the on-going operations of the Centre.

Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados (GCR) is the United Caribbean Trust's inaugural Barbados project.
We propose the development of an international Christian renewal, conference centre and timeshare resort called Goshen Conference Resorts - Barbados (GCR) upon 14 acres the Property.

UCT’s ability to purchase the Property and establish the Centre hinges on the existence of GCR because GCR will be the vehicle by which the funds required to purchase the Property and sustain the Centre’s long term operations will be generated.

The primary motive in establishing GCR is to generate the finances required for UCT not only to purchase the Property but also for UCT to underwrite other Christian humanitarian mission projects around the world.

Phase 1 which will be complete with the establishment of similar resorts in Carriacou and Dominica.

Phase 2 will be carried out in other Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Cuba and St Lucia.

Phase 3 will incorporate a different holiday experience which is ‘humanitarian mission holiday facilities’ (“HMHF”) in regions such as Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria in Africa, along the Essequibo River, which is one of the larger South American rivers located in Guyana, deep in the interior of Suriname in Tjaikondre which is nestled on the banks of the Suriname River. It has been the home to the Maroons for centuries and remains unchanged. As well as in the south western peninsula of Haiti.

The ultimate purpose of establishing GCR and HMHF’s is to fund UCT’s local and global Humanitarian Projects.

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