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Erdistan Nursery School

Thanks to the little children from Erdistan Nursery School who so beautifully hand painted the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes for the children of Haiti.
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Information to be added 
The Principal of the Heart for Haiti Secondary school.

Thanks from the school children of the Heart for Haiti Secondary school.


All of these children are available to be sponsored through Heart for Haiti.

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Child Sponsorship Program

Full Sponsorship

US $30 per month will cover the child's education as well as a feeding program. Feeding them physically and Spiritually through the introduction of the Kids EE program and other God centreed After School Club activities.

Child Sponsorship Program

Part Sponsorship

You can select US $15 per month to cover education alone or the Feeding Programalone.

Remember this is physical and Spiritual feeding.

50 people taking part in the Part Sponsorship Feeding Program could feed 500 children for a year.

This would feed 350 Heart for Haiti children and bless 150 other orphans from smaller organizations that have no international assistance.

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Kids Against Hunger

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