“Lord, Show me your heart,
Show me what breaks your heart,
Let my heart be broken too.
Lord, show me your dreams,
Make them my dreams too.”

Imagine tens and hundreds of thousands of kids doing genuine compassionate service coming from their hearts. Imagine the impact on their generation, and the next. Imagine what God can do using kids with energy and compassion.

On the Global Compassion Day young (and old!) Christians:
• go out to serve for one day,
• go out to be servants that have a passion, humility, willingness to learn and commitment to be obedient,
• allow God to transform them as they go out to serve him through acts of service and transformation, but also through meeting those in need and those who serve them.
In this process you learn more about your calling to be transformation agents, you establish relationships, you acquire skills, and most of all you serve the Jesus of Matthew 25.

WHAT: A typical program would consist of:

1. Registration
2. Meet together: Praise and worship, Speaker/Bible study: why be part of the Global Compassion Day? / Why are we doing this?, Testimony, Logistical arrangements
3. Move to vehicles/public transport; divide into small group / work groups
4. Travel or walk to places of service
5. Orientation at service site
6. Service
7. Lunch
8. Service
9. Finish service
10. Travel back
11. Meal/free time
12. Celebrate and learn together: Praise and worship, Facilitate feedback and learning in small groups and bigger group, Message, Testimonies, Celebration, Commitment, Close

AND THEN? Consider to finish the day with a commitment by participating churches:
1. Take co-responsibility for the needs in your community, city or region.
2. To participate in the annual Global Compassion Day.
3. Form Kingdom partnerships between the participating congregations and service ministries or organizations working in that area or further afield.
4. Allocate a person who will keep on coordinating service and serving youth to be able to serve.

Whether you are 5 young people from a Sunday school class, 50 from a congregation, 500 from a community or 5000+ from a town or city: you can be part of this!

MORE INFO: We have info on
• Why be part of GCD?
• How to organize a GCD?
• Templates and checklists in organizing a GCD
Mail to for more details.

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