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Early Childhood Music

Out of the mouth of babes and unweaned infants Thou hast ordained praise...Psalm 8:2a
Early Childhood Music

We have a life-changing program that works! Music research shows that children who are involved in preschool piano lessons with singing have greater brain function that lasts their entire lifetime.


Each year we have an Annual meeting of our staff and corporate intercessors. This year we are expanding it to include specific training times for our associates, and those who have expressed an interest in Early Childhood Music®. That includes you!

And that is just the beginning. Music lessons also help develop the characteristics that you want developed in your child.

Characteristics like social skills and perseverance.

Early Childhood Music
Early Childhood Music
One of the greatest benefits is academic enhancement, especially in the three areas that contribute to healthy lifestyles: reading, math and science. Reasoning skills, being able to think through a problem and solve it, engineering skills and even college entrance exam scores are affected by preschool piano lessons.

Success in music, success in life, it's no coincidence. (Yamaha)

Studies have shown that music study enhances brain function in very young children…in fact the earlier the better. The challenge has been to find a method of teaching preschool children that works. Well we have.

Early Childhood Music
Early Childhood Music
Early Childhood Music

Our very successful Early Childhood Music® program is fun and exciting...from prenatal to seven years. Our program is piano-based, fast-paced, fun, developmentally structured and age-specific.

'Give Them the Best Start Baby Program' is our prenatal stimulation program. GTBS materials were released to the public as of January 2006. .

Partner Participation.

Early Childhood MusicStudents attend class with a partner, a parent or guardian, who actively participates in every phase of our program. At the earliest stage, partners receive tools to make their child's home environment musical, and in the oldest stage, the partners are the at-home support for practice time on the piano. With a partner involved, your child is secure, safe and gets to spend quality time with you, their favorite person. Partner Workshops are held monthly at each location to train you as a partner. See each school location for information.

About Early Childhood Music®.

Early Childhood Music® originated as a department of Perfect Praise Inc. We began Early Childhood Music® in July of 1998. Since that time we have witnessed the power of music to transform hundreds of children's lives. Yamaha's statement, that success in music, success in life, it's no coincidence, has been absolutely found true in our children's academic and social skill, not to mention their amazing musical abilities.

Denie Riggs founder of Early Childhood Music

Music Works.

Check our our parent testimonials and graduate profiles Click here Enrolled in our program? Share your success stories with us...

Email Ms. Denie @

Michael Riggs founder of Early Childhood Music

Perfect Praise Inc





Seen here at the
Carrington's Wesleyan Holiness Church

Denie Riggs founder of Early Childhood Music

Michael and Denie Riggs working in association with Pastor Richardo Taylor of Carrington's Wesleyan Holiness Church is seeking to establish the first ever Barbados Church Music School.

Numerous Sunday Schools have voiced an interest and we trust God will open doors of opportunity to introduce the project into the Sunday Schools.

Denie Riggs founder of Early Childhood Music with Pastor Taylor of the Carrington's Wesleyan Holiness Church width=
Early Childhood Music

Early Childhood Music is partnering with United Caribbean Trust to establish 'An Early Childhood Music Learning Centre' on the west coast of Barbados.

They desire to work in association with the government of Barbados to introduce the programme into a state Pre Primary Nursery School as a pilot project. We are seeking to establish this at Society Pre Primary on the east coast of Barbados.

Early Childhood Music Headquarters.

You may reach our headquarters at
Perfect Praise Incorporated
P.O. Box 18008
Huntsville, AL 35804

Contact our Barbadian Partners


Pastor Ricardo Taylor
Pastor Carrington's Wesleyan Holiness Church

Tel: (246) 423 4105

Jenny Tryhane
Founder United Caribbean Trust

Tel: (246) 425 1917



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