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Africa Mission Trip 2015
The Jack and Ethel Special Uganda School (JESUS) Complex

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Joy's grandparents started the Jack and Ethel Educational Centre. Her mother died in child birth when Joy was only 7 months old. She was born mentally and physically challenged with Cerebral Palsy. Earlier this year her father died of AIDS. Joy is now an official orphan, cared for by her aunt Edith seen here with Joy.

We are burdened to help establish The Jack and Ethel Special Uganda School(JESUS) Complex within the grounds of the property.

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Children with physical or mental disabilities can face many difficulties in their lives. However often times it is the discrimination, social stigma and poverty that is the main challange. Nevertheless, we believe that with adequate care and education, these differently abled children can lead rich and happy lives.

It is our desire to establish The Jack and Ethel Special Uganda School Complex (The JESUS Complex) within Hope Child Care Centre.

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