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Forerunners of Transformation

by Maureen Bravo - September 26, 2002

Intercessors… the forerunners of transformation!

They are the unsung heroes and heroines in the Body of Christ…the ones who willingly “stand in the gap”.

They are “watchmen” who take their positions on the wall… and stand at their stations, vigilantly maintaining an eye on the horizon, while guarding their city and its people!

They are “warriors” who break through barriers in the spirit realm… and stand and occupy a “space” until those who are called to that “arena” can take their rightful places!

They are “worshippers” who brush aside every hindrance to intimacy …and stand transfixed by the Lover of their souls, adoring and communing with Him in the beauty of His holiness.

They are His!

While serving the Body of Christ, individual intercessors experience intense times of trial and testing. They press in and pass through each “fire”, navigate every “waterway”, in order to be able to “stand”. With great persistence, they bear down, endure the labor, and birth the changes necessary to move to the next level. Propelled through these times of transition, they arrive on the other side…just in time to re-enter this “transformation” process once again.

As they allow themselves to undergo the process individually, they are able to move to new levels of intimacy with the Lord. As they receive and accept freshly prepared robes of humility, they learn the joy of dying to themselves. As they let go of their personal plans, they experience a deeper longing to see God’s plan and hear His heart in every circumstance. As they receive His holy insight, they are enabled to intercede more accurately about each matter…and rejoice whenever they see the Spirit moving and things changing!

Each waits on Him, listens for His heart, seeks to hear what He wants; having heard, they are convicted about how narrow their individual visions have been. They sense that each of them has a part to play in what is God’s much larger plan. No longer wishing to be alone, they begin to see how vital it is to be connected with each other. They ask Him to make them ready, willing and able to set aside previous preferences…to help them to be willing to work together…to co-labor with parts of the Body of Christ that they may never have wanted to team up with before. They prepare their hearts to be willingly aligned with some groups who are very “different” from them in order to accomplish His purposes. This is not an easy process, but it is a productive one…both for them as individuals, and corporately, for those for whom they “stand”!

As they accept this discipline (“disciple”-ing) of the Lord, He teaches, trains, and equips them for each battle. Yes, He deals with His own beloved ones first, in order to demonstrate through them what He intends to do across the larger Body of Christ…to show forth His glory through them. These intercessors are His prototypes, the examples, the models (the microcosms) from which He intends to expand OUTWARD, in ever enlarging circles, until the whole earth, world, universe (the macrocosm) is filled with His glory!

The wonder is that it all began with “One solitary life”! As each “one” of us yields to Him, He takes His place on the throne of our lives, churches and ministries. Individuals and groups who allow God to transform them this way become the “forerunners” of transformation. What we are willing to allow Him to do in us “in the secret place” will be manifest openly in the public arena, and we will see Him take His rightful place in the government, commerce and education.

As individual transformation takes place, wells which had been plugged up are reopened and life-giving water springs forth from each of us. As we unite with others in the Body of Christ, our separate streams come together as a river which flows out from the places in which we gather into the wider community. The river floods through neighborhoods, touching marriages, families, schools… the lost, dying, the “unchurched”. It rushes headlong into the traffic, racing through the streets and into the buildings…impacting those in government and the marketplace.

At this point, the “reality” of transformation, not just the “representation” of it, begins to be noticed…and experienced.

Question: “Transformation”…is it our work or His? Answer: If we are co-laborers with Him, the answer is “BOTH”!

How then do we discern our part of this work? What are the strategies needed for each area of endeavor? In order to answer those questions, we must come together in His Presence, receive His blueprints and get our marching orders. After yielded intercessors meet to pray, and discern God’s heart, we come forth from that time with Him saying, “It seems good to the Holy Spirit and us.” We can then begin to pray with purpose, and operate with a fresh KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE, united by the Spirit under the Commander-in-Chief Who has a much wider view than anyone else! He is the ONE Who is able to accomplish what He desires, and much of that will be done through us, His people… who are willing to obey Him and work together as one unified Body!

This is our goal…no less, but it must start with each of us! The call is to “whomsoever will” … Will you?

Yours for Transformation!
Maureen Bravo and the IPNCF Facilitation Team

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