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by Maureen Bravo

Mary, pregnant with Jesus, went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John. As she approached Elizabeth, the PRESENCE of Christ within Mary's womb caused a quickening / an activation of the life of God within the womb of Elizabeth. Her unborn child, John, was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit!

Like the grave that would one day be a temporary resting place for her Son, there was no way Mary could possibly contain "What" had been placed within her. The Son of God was conceived in her womb in order to come forth into this world. His life was meant to be shared with each and every one of us! Emmanuel, God with us!

At this hour, the Kingdom of God is being birthed anew through all those who have yielded to the Father, saying, "Thy will be done". As each one allows Him to have His way in our lives, we too, experience this overshadowing and infilling of the Holy Spirit!.

Overwhelmed by His magnificent love, we are compelled to tell others what has taken place in us, about what has been conceived in us. As we share what God has done in our lives, we become a new source of encouragement to them. As we invite them to be open to His love, we gently teach them how to yield to Him, cooperate with Him, so He can have His way with them, and do His work in their lives!

This activation most often occurs within loving, giving, affirming relationships, where the love we have experienced causes us to want only the best for others. We, who are His, are not satisfied to keep "THE BEST" to ourselves. Rather, we long to see His life quickened, activated and springing forth from every living soul!

May this Christmas season by marked by the power of His love in our lives... and remembered for the impact which that love, shed abroad in our hearts, has on the lives of those who share HIS world with us!

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