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Suriname Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program

UCT has been working in association with Pastor Iwan of Antiochie Paranam focusing on the urgent needs of the Maroon in the interior both the mothers and the children. There is a desperate need for a women's empowerment program helping not only the mums but their children.

UCT seeks to do whatever it takes to reach the women in communities that have otherwise not been reached through a Women’s Empowerment Sponsorship Program.

Women’s Empowerment Sponsorship Program
Women’s Empowerment Sponsorship Program
Suriname Bush Negroe children

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.
Do not say to your neighbor, 'Go, and come again, tomorrow I will give it' -
when you have it with you.
Proverbs 3:27-28

  Suriname Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program Suriname After School Feeding Club South American Moringa

Mothers within the Women’s Empowerment Sponsorship Program are enrolled for one year.

A percentage of the funds raised is used to buy materials to support her weekly adult educational empowerment classes, vocational and technical skills training as well as the translated Stonecroft Bible Studies materials.

We encourage you to write to your new ‘friend’ your letters will provide an emotional lifeline to a woman who may have lost everything due to war, natural disaster or abject poverty. (Your letters can be translated or read to her in her native language)

Your contributions also support your sister’s year-long participation in a Life Skills Program that will include an Adult Literacy Program (if needed) and provide her with leadership education, vocational and technical skills and training instrumental in ensuring that she receives the tools she needs to regain her strength and stability and access to income generation support.

We encourage you to write to your new ‘friend’

Although literacy rates have increased, Suriname is still marked by striking disparities. The EFA Global Monitoring Report of 2008 indicates that while the adult literacy rate for Latin America is 91 per cent, it is 74 per cent in the Caribbean.

This means that nearly 39 million adults in the region lack the reading and writing skills necessary to meet the demands of daily life and work, and to facilitate continuous learning in today’s knowledge societies.

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But above all this Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program will open the door of opportunity to introduce her to the Stonecroft Bible Study and Leadership material translated into her native tongue.

The structure of each country’s program varies slightly due to social, economic, political, cultural and religious factors.

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It is our desire to reach out to the poor in a way that demonstrates God’s love while empowering the needy to free themselves from poverty.

By impacting the mothers the children will be affected and part of the Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program will allow the mothers to bring a child once a week to the After School Child Feeding Club, called a PowerClub.

UCT in Suriname

A portion of this Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program will go initially towards not only the translation of the Stonecroft Bible Studies but also other children's curriculum needed to be introduced into the PowerClubs.


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