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Youth With A Mission - Carriacou Transformation

On the other side of the world as the churches in Carriacou come together on this Unity May Day March may God hear our cries to heal Carriacou and start the revival so needed in the islands of the Caribbean.

Seen here Pastor Happy, Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary and Pastors from the Evangelical and Pentecostal churches of the island with Shamus from YWAM, uniting in prayer for Carriacou.

The march began with leaders and their congregation coming together for open confession and repentance. Binding the spirit of competition and jealousy that has formed barriers between the body of Christ.

Seen here Shamus addressing the group on the beach at Windward on the east coast of Carriacou. A special thanks to YWAM for bringing the message of Transformation to the Caribbean.

YWAM in Carriacou 2006 Praise and Worship leads the march Carriacou United May Day March 2006 Carriacou United May Day March ends with the leaders prayer for unity
YWAM in Carriacou

Music, Praise & Worship leads the march

Carriacou United May Day March 2006

The march ends with leaders praying for unity

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