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Children Are People

The Children Are People Support Group i Drug Abuse is one of the most consistent and significant contributors to the social problems in existence in our communities today. Thus, the primary objective of this proposed programme is the facilitation of ‘drug abuse prevention’.
The Children Are People Support Group is one that offers children within the five to twelve (5-12) age range the opportunity to learn skills in the area of coping with peer pressure and conflict.
The Children Are People Support Group i
Studies conducted by educators, mental health professionals and others in the field of addictions have shown that in order for drug abuse prevention programmes to be of any success, they must be directed at and have a foundation amongst young children.
The Children Are People Support Group i

As such, the C.A.P programme has the potential to effectively shape the character of every child and by extension, each community on the island.

The Carib Territory in Dominica.

It must also be noted that in many of the more “developed” countries, children of substance abusers are at an increased risk of developing their own problems related to the same source, later in life.

Therefore, the C.A.P programme seeks to reach our children before they use, abuse, or decide to experiment with drugs, thus increasing the likelihood of making positive life choices.

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Research has shown that families with an alcoholic member live in environments that are disorganized and unstable, said Dr. Grant. "Children of alcoholics may be neglected or abused and frequently face economic hardship and social isolation.

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