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Dr. Debbie Rich in Barbados - Gathering of the Eagles 2005

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Dr. Debbie Rich is known internationally as a fiery evangelist who blazes revival trails. God has used Debbie in many churches that have become traditional and very "set in their ways." God has given her the ability and determination to break people through out of bondage and religious tradition into Holy Ghost revival. She is a true revivalist who ministers out of the touch of God upon her own life. Without fail as Debbie uncompromisingly preaches the Word and allows the Holy Spirit free reign, He continually confirms His Word with signs and wonders following. The Bible says, "Ask of me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance." This is the heart cry of Debbie Rich Ministries. The vision of this ministry is to be a carrier of revival to the entire world and to see "the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the sea."

God called Debbie as a missionary-evangelist in 1992. As a woman alone in the arctic conditions, circumstances looked overwhelming. She had suffered 18 years in an abusive marriage that ended when her husband was unfaithful to her. Many advised her to forget the call of God and go home. She called upon God for help and for fresh fire. He answered with revival to her heart. Like Jeremiah, she said, "I can not quit for it's just like fire shut up in my bones. God proved Himself faithful and the arctic was set ablaze with revival.

In November of 1992, Debbie's life and ministry was greatly influenced by the ministry of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, missionary-evangelist from South Africa. Her life would never be the same. In those meetings her broken heart was mended and she caught the spirit of revival. She ministers today out of that healing. Thousands of women have testified to being set free while hearing her testimony of the faithfulness of God. Debbie stayed close to the anointing upon the lives of Dr. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne through the years. She has testified at several of their campmeetings, as well as been the guest speaker, and has traveled with them to South Africa. She has now become an associate evangelist of Dr. Howard-Browne and is a teacher at The River Bible Institute. She also travels out of his church,The River at Tampa Bay.

Called by God at age twelve after being baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Attended Open Bible College in Des Moines, Iowa 1974-1975
Graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 1989. Worked for Kenneth Hagin Ministries.
Pastored in Sutton, Alaska from 1990-1992
Led a thriving prison ministry from 1990-1993
Has traveled extensively throughout the US and to 20 nations of the world.
Received a Doctorate of Theology degree from Life Christian University in May 2001
Is the author of two books and has several video and audio tape teachings available for purchase.

Recent Ministry Highlight:

Preaching at Madison Square Garden at Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne's Good News New York Crusade
Preaching in a crusade with RW Shambach, Reinhardt Bonnke, Mike Francen & Rodney Howard-Browne.
Preaching at London's Royal Albert Hall

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