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Pastor Happy Petit Martinique Church Building Project 2008 Carriacou Hurricane Shelter

Dr. Mark J. Chironna in Barbados - Gathering of the Eagles 2005

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Dr. Mark J. ChironnaThanks for taking the time to visit us here in our little corner of the world-wide-web. You didn’t arrive here by accident or by chance, you arrived here because Invisible Hands guided you, because you are destined to fulfill your grand design. There is a Divine blueprint of that grand design in your spirit and you are intended to create a world that works for yourself and for others and to make a world of difference. At the core of your being you are unique, and your essence is unlike any others on the planet. The smile of God is on your life to cause you to live a passionate life of elegance and grace in every area from the inside-out. That means that in everything you think, say, do, feel everything is intended to line-up with that blueprint of your destiny and grand design that you carry with you deep in your heart. Sometimes that grand design talks to you while your sleeping, and other times it simply calls to you from your deepest longings and desires. My desired outcome is to support you in fulfilling your grand design. You are loved, you are valuable, and it is really okay for you to be the true-to-God you that you were created to be. Take time to browse through the many places you find here and enjoy the journey. Find out how to invest in your own future through our many resources from media to mentoring and everything in-between. Check out our bookstore and take the opportunity to invest in your future and in becoming all that you are intended to be, to do and to have. If you enjoy what you experience and want to partner with me to share that incredible experience with others you can do that as well we would be honored to have you as part of our growing network of family and friends.

Serving you to fulfill your grand design,

Dr. Mark J. Chironna

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