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Homes of Hope Caribbean - Community-Based Mitigation


Setting Up for Success in Community-Based Mitigation

Learn how to establish a foundation and organization for a community-based mitigation program.

Checking out the Local Mitigation Scene

1. Brainstorm local mitigation activities

• Determine if any volunteer mitigation efforts have occurred in the past or are presently underway.
• If community-based mitigation has been undertaken, learn about the activities, groups involved, and perceived successes and challenges.

2. Identifying local mitigation opportunities for volunteers Community-based Pre-Disaster Mitigation for CBOs/FBOs

Effectively Identifying and Recruiting Individual Volunteers

1. Obtaining buy-in from your organization

• How does your organization make decisions?
• Can a committee form on its own and act?
• Does a governing body or individual have to approve or endorse the effort?
• What kind of decision process is required?
• What kind of process would engage the most widespread support?
• What actions must be taken for your organization to decide to participate in mitigation programs?
• Develop an action plan for obtaining buy-in from your organization to participate in community-based
mitigation. Consider the following:
• What actions need to be taken?
• What kind of schedule is appropriate?
• Who should be responsible?

2. Identifying and recruiting volunteers from your organization

• Creating a list of volunteer candidates

3. Developing an action plan for recruiting volunteers

• How will volunteer candidates be contacted?
• What kind of information will need to be shared during the initial contact?
• Who will put the information together?
• Who will contact specific individuals?
• What will candidates be asked to do initially and in the future?
• What’s in it for the volunteers (why should they participate, and what are the benefits to participation)?
• What is the schedule?
• Who in our group can spearhead the volunteer contact effort? Community-based Pre-Disaster Mitigation for CBOs/FBOs



Sourced from FEMA


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