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KIMI Ministry Pattern

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KIMI Pattern of Ministry

PowerClubs are conducted weekly or as regularly as the Holy Spirit leads you and they follow a simple but effective pattern (which we call the KIMI Pattern of Ministry) for conducting a full children's worship service as opposed to a Sunday School format.

Seen below the French Guyana KIMI Leadership Training that took place in January 2013

Jenny teaching KIMI in French Guyana

1) Opening or Welcoming Games

(Step one, the thumb reminds us that even if there is only one child present you can start with your 'Opening or Welcoming Game'.)


2) Active Competitive Games

(Step two, two fingers remind us that there are usually two teams to compete in these fast Active Competitive Games)

Active Competitive Games

Active Praise Choruses

3) Active Praise Choruses

(Step three, this is the tallest finger it reaches up to God, this will remind us that immediately after the games we go straight into our Active Praise Choruses)

4) A Worship Song

(Step four, this is the ring finger, if we were married we may wear a ring on this finger it indicates, love, intimacy and commitment - this is the same with Worship where we express our love for God)

A Worship Song

Fast-moving Teaching

5) Fast-moving Teaching

a. Review
b. Learn a Bible Verse
c. Teach the Lesson

(Step five, this is represented by our little finger, reminding us that there will be a little teaching, one truth that we want the children to learn. It has three parts just like our little finger has three joints, Review, Learn a Bible Verse and Fast-moving Teaching)

Fast-moving Teaching

Encountering God

6) Encountering God

a. Activity
b. Discussion

(Step six, this includes the thumb again reminding us that this is a personal encounter with God, a one on one with God, it involves a time of activity and a time of discussion.)

Encountering God

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