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Apostle Lionel Etwaru

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Apostle Lionel Etwaru and his wife, Pastor Margaret Etwaru have been pastoring Global Christian Ministries, formerly known as Christ Family Fellowship in Woodhaven, Queens for the past 12 years.

Seen here in Suriname in April 2008

Saved from Hinduism in 1963, Pastor Lionel and Pastor Margaret have been involved in Ministry since 1964. As a Leader and an outstanding teacher of the Word, he has ministered in Pastor Conferences, Conventions and Youth Retreats across the globe. He is an integral member of ICLC (International Christian Leaders Connection) Apostolic Company and gives oversight to churches in New York, South Africa, Nigeria, Curacao, New York, Florida and Toronto.

He has spent his life serving and helping believers and Pastors to reach their God-Given potential. He has a Bachelors in Theology and a Masters in the Psychology of Christian Counseling.

Seen here in Suriname in April 2008 with Apostle James Cooper (left) praying and anointing Pastor Iwon and his wife Carol.

Pastor Margaret Etwaru has also been involved in ministry especially in Marriage Enrichment Seminars and Worship. She has also recently started a Ministry called "Daughters of Destiny" and has been asked to speak in Women's Conferences not only in the USA but also across the globe. She is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. She is committed to helping women and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ.

Pastors Lionel and Margaret Etwaru, along with the entire Global Christian Ministries family, are focused like never before on meeting the needs of the Richmond Hill community and providing ministries and services that impact every area of life. While their commitment to the local community is strong, their international commitment is also increasing.

There is a new generation rising at Global Christian Ministries - A Generation Without Limits or Boundaries. Pastors Lionel and Margaret are proven leaders for this generation - a generation that believes with God all things are possible!

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