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Every part of the mulberry tree is of tremendous medical value.

In Korea, Dr. Reb Lea has extensively studied and documented the neutriceutical properties of Morus which contains gamma amino butyric acid, an anti-oxidant. Mulberry, combined with Chinese Yam and Kudzu is used as an anti-hypertensive, to treat high blood sugar and reduce high cholesterol. Phytosterols and sitosterol fibre has application for relieving fever, indigestion and, containing deoxynofiremycin and calcium, alleviates flatulence and calms the body. Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and sodium relieves headache symptoms and dissolves blood clots. Potassium, physterol, flavonoids, moractum, carotenes and amino acids exert a beneficial effect on stress related illnesses.

Mulberry syrup, made of the fruit, has been documented in Ars Medica as SYRUPUS MORI, a cough syrup base and an excellent gargle. Mulberry preparations have been used extensively in the treatment of cancer of the liver. The sap of the tree is Anti fungal and useful as a skin tonic; according to 11 Kings 20 ~ mulberry should be used as a remedy for thrush, leukoderma, ringworm and worms.

Mulberry has been used successfully to treat dysentery, with the root of the tree steeped and drunk for weakness, difficult urination. Its antihelmintic properties are useful for the treatment of tapeworm. It has powerful application in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis and the high protein and mineral content is reputed to have a beneficial effect on male pattern baldness. The oldest living man who died last year at age 114, was a mulberry farmer who attributed his longevity to his mulberry plants.

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