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Caribbean Community Moringa Project

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Malawi KIMI Leadership classes

We are believing God that we will be able to introduce the Caribbean Community Moringa Project through the children of the Haitian churches, and throught the PowerClubs in the Caribbean..

PowerClubs are the outreach arm of Kids in Ministry International, and are local children's ministries in a wide variety of communities around the world.

They are started and conducted by individuals who desire to see children evangelized, filled with the Holy Spirit, grounded in the word of God, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, learning to hear God's voice and be led by His Spirit, and becoming active, functioning members in the body of Christ while they are still children.

Teaching children the meat and deeper truths of God’s word

Equipping them for the work of the ministry making them active, spiritually functioning members in the body of Christ.

Though some are a part of local churches, most are held in backyards, neutral locations, schools, slums, ghettos, and homes. In many places starting an official PowerClub outside a local church is in essence "planting a church of children".


The Haiti Community Benzoliv Project will start in these PowerClubs within the Les Cayes district where Jenny did a KIMI training in January 2013.

The Benzoliv Processing Plant will be built in Les Cayes under the guidance of Pastor Pierre Banes Laurore.

The project will be spearheaded by Pastor Lucner and Pastor Banes both seen here during the KIMI training in 2012

Seen here the Bible Students during the KIMI training in Suriname

PowerClub Benzoliv Community Program:

The Benzoliv seeds will be sourced and planted in discarded water bottles with the tops removed and holes punched in th bottom.. The children will be taught the Follow Me children's 48 week curriculum including the Sowers Parable using Benzoliv seeds as a visual aid being introduced into schools following Hurricane Matthews devistation where millions of trees were destroyed.

They will be taught about how to sow and grow Benzoliv teaching Biblical principles. Colouring Benzoliv books will teach them the nutritional value of Benzoliv.

The little saplings once established will be taken home and planted outside their homes.

Adult training sessions will be hosted by the local churches teaching the parents about Benzoliv, the nutritional and health benefits

The little saplings once established will be taken home and planted outside their homes.

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program:

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program

We are believing God that we will be able to establish a rabbit feeding program for each of our PowerClubs.

Benzoliv leaf meal (BLM) can be used to improve daily weight gain in rabbits

Benzoliv is non-toxic to rabbits at least at the 20% diet inclusion level.
It has the potential to reduce cholesterol level in blood and the meat of rabbits.

PowerClub Rabbit Feeding Program


Benzoliv leaf meal (BLM)could be used to replace soyabean meal (SBM) partially or completely in rabbit diets as a non-conventional protein source.


A major constraint to livestock production in developing countries is the scarcity and fluctuating quantity and quality of the year-round feed supply. To be able to substitute with leafy plants like Benzoliv is a great benefit.

The children and parents will be educated on Benzoliv 's suitability as animal fodder and other trees such as Mulberry the Biblical Sycamore will be introduced with the Zacchaeus story!

They will be taught all the various stages of processing Benzoliv and varius Benzoliv recipes.

Below is the latest video from Shape Lives Moringa Farm .

CLICK to view

CLICK to view

Help us to sponsor our Haitian PowerClubs.

Your US $30 per month will enable us to:

  1. Feed your sponsored child at the church PowerClub twice a week, after school utilizing Benzoliv as a dietary supplement.
  2. It will enable him/her to attend the Haitian PowerClub twice a week.
  3. It will supply all necessary materials needed to host the PowerClub
  4. It will enable us to train more teachers in the KIMI program and get this excellent program into the schools of Haiti once a week
  5. It will enable us to print KIMI curriculums and handbooks for local churches and schools including teaching and training more Pastors and Sunday School teachers.
  6. It will allow us to host teacher refresher classes once a quarter to update them on new KIMI curriculums
  7. It will allow us to build rabbit pens and purchase rabbits and all that is needed to establish a rabbit feeding program for the Haiti PowerClubs.

    First Caribbean International Bank Bds Ltd

    Super Centre Complex, Warrens

    St. Michael, Barbados

    Account number 1001092544

    Email united_caribbean@yahoo.com


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