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Pioneer for Christ


Pioneers for Christ - programme


Pioneers For Christ BarbadosPioneers For Christ (PFC) presents an exciting journey that will take boys through becoming a Pioneer for Christ to the challenge of becoming a Boy of Valor. On the journey down the “Warrior’s Path” they can complete different gates. As they apply themselves to these gates, they find that they can do all thing through Christ who strengthens them.

This ministry is designed to embrace many vital areas of boys’ lives. It helps them to become better Christians, sons, neighbors and citizens. Spritiual emphasis includes the following:
1. Bible Study
2. Scripture Memorization
3. Understanding Our Church of God Heritage, Faith and Commitment
4. Understanding How to be a Good Steward
5. Understanding How to be a Good Church Member

Pioneers for Christ Barbados Physical activities which are combined with spiritual emphasis include:
1. Tool Craft
2. Fire Craft
3. Camping Craft
4. First Aid
5. Sign Language
6. Hunter Safety
As they press on toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ, they will be building a foundation that will make them strong and live eternally.

The areas of training are:
• Champions: Ages 5-6
• Disciples: Ages 7-9
• Apostles: Ages 10-12
• Junior Centurions: Ages 13-17

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