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Women of Excellence - About us

Andrea Harris founder of the Women of Excellence Spiritual Conference ministry Women of Excellence Spiritual Conference first started in April 2002. It is the brainchild of Andrea Harris, who, after working in the Women’s Ministries Department of her church for over 15 years felt and saw the need to create an environment for women of all walks of life – from housewife to executive - where they can have a timeout from the daily grind of life and come face to face with their own vulnerabilities.
Women of Excellence dance ministry Women of Excellence dance ministry Women of Excellence dance ministry

Through these sessions women are empowered by the power of the Spoken Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be the best that God created them to be and to understand His purpose for their lives. Having participated in these sessions, many women experience breakthroughs in various areas of their lives and left the conference with testimonies of being renewed, revived, rejuvenated, restored and ready for a new challenge, walking in their purpose and destiny.


Through these conferences a sisterhood is evolving with intensity that has crossed (gone beyond) denominational, geographical, social, racial and academic barriers.

Zone Women's Ministries President

Sis. Andrea Harris

Asst. Zone Women's Ministries President

Pastor Sandra Johnson

Zone Director

Bishop Kevin Harris

Asst. Zone Director

Reverend Lariene Nurse

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