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Restoration Ministries International - Youth Aflame

Restoration Ministries youth group Refuel

Our Mission:

“To raise up young people who will connect with God, relate to each other and, make an impact for Christ.”

The Vision:

Based on Exodus 3: 2-5

This scripture represents the youth of Restoration Ministries as the burning bush capturing the attention of other youths (Moses) to help them shed their old nature (the sandals) and come into a place of holiness (Holy ground).
The youth of Restoration Ministries


• Impact on the development of the youth
• Play an instrumental role in the spiritual maturation of the youth and to see them reach a level where their sole desire is to be a God pleaser
• Raise up young people who will be a light to Barbados and, by extension, other nations
• Create a group where young people are able to relate comfortably and feel accepted

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