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Suriname - Adopt a school

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In the year 2000 within Suriname the net primary school attendance rate was 78 percent. < Read more>

School attendance is significantly lower in the rural interior than in the rest of the country at 61.2 percent. As of 2000, 84.0 percent of children who started primary school were likely to reach grade 5.

Although the government covers the majority of primary school costs, parents must pay school registration fees and provide school supplies and uniforms. These costs limit access to education for children from poor and large families. Bush Negroe children

Lack of transportation, appropriate facilities, and a teacher shortage also present barriers to school attendance

Seen here the children going to school by water taxi

Suriname school transportation
Suriname school transportation

Adopt a Suriname School is a programme that is very similar to the Schools Twinning programme that UCT is working to establish throughout the Caribbean and into South America.


This new programme enables a church to help and support schools, Inter School Christian Fellowship or Son Shine Clubs within our local Caribbean schools starting in Barbados and rapidly extending initially into Trinidad, Antigua and Suriname.

Suriname school transportation

Suriname school It has been designed to create, establish and encourage linkages between the schools in Barbados and extending into Haiti, Grenada (Carriacou), Guyana, Suriname and Africa with International churches who are equipped to give support and encourage church youth groups to enjoy Caribbean Mission holiday outreaches.
Seen here Grace Christian Academy in Barbados demonstrating a practical version of their mission statement - Leading students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, Building them up to their full potential in Him, and to Equipping them to serve Him. Grace  Christian Academy


The benefits to be gained for participating churches include:

• the opportunity for lending compassionate support to students from the Caribbean;
• the learning experience of a cultural exchange of information on respective countries;
• the opportunity to form long-lasting friendships via Internet and airmail;
• the exchange of ideas, opinions and “a glimpse” at the lifestyle of another child;
• The opportunity to visit other islands of the Caribbean and South America and eventually Africa.

It is the intention of United Caribbean Trust to create a dedicated web page for each participating school; this page will be useful in lending encouragement to the potential for IT Programmes. It will facilitate familiarity with computers and will be designed to attract equipment and other “wish list” donations, globally.

This page is a framework that teachers and pupils can build on.

United Caribbean is willing and able to help in this process.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

JAMES 1:27


First Caribbean International Bank Bds Ltd

Super Centre Complex, Warrens

St. Michael, Barbados

Account number 1001092544


• You will receive regular e-mail updates on the progress of the partnership as well as be able to follow the progress in articles on this web site.

• Specific children have been identified and you will receive all the information regarding your 'sponsored' child, this will remind you to pray for Mission Suriname.

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