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Tanzania Pastor James Kenani-

My name is James Kenani, I was born in 1976 in Dodoma .At the age of 15 I accepted Christ to be my personal Savior, soon after this I joined the church by the name of Swedish Pentecostal church I was in this church for ten years unfortunately the church lost its direction due to the poor administration.Then I was just preaching in school and hospitals then later on I had a small group gathering .In the year 2003 my friend traveled to Mbeya where pastor Lotie lives he had a chance to meet some pastors who were under him,at this time pastor Lotie was in Malawi[Bible school].

I had to travel to Mbeya as well so I met some pastors who were under him they accepted me as one of them by then we were not called Restoration,After his graduation he came with this name Restoration then from that day we are called Restoration Ministries,So the area where an pasturing a church in Dar es salaam there are more Moslems and mosques so I would like to ask for sponsorship that I should go to bible school that I should have God:s knowledge that I should face these challenges from our friends{Moslem}Any time the sponsorship is ready I can go Am just waiting please help us we are willing to have God”s knowledge but no one to sponsor us.


Highlands Bible school in Tanzania started in the year 2000.Highlands Bible school in Tanzania started in the year 2000.


1-To equip the Saints for the Great Commission
2-To make sure that Jesus is lifted on high above everything through the students who will be trained at the school.
3-Since our country has a lot of Moslem the Bible school is training the pastors how to minister to Muslems.

We started as a very small Bible school but by the grace of our Lord we are growing, we are training pastors to be effective in their ministry under difficult conditions and in extreme circumstances.

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Account number 1000431831

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