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Tanzania -Pastor Kumbuka Mazgu Mweda

Before I accepted Christ to be my Saviour I used to smoke Indian hemp not only that I was also drinking to the point of spending all night at the beer clubs or night clubs. At this time, in the 60’s, I was working in Dar es Salaan in one company which was making cloth so I had enough money to satisfy my habits. I did not care about the feelings of my wife INDEED MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

In 1979 we had our first child who was born with physical challenges.

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank you brethren of the Messiah House for sponsoring me here at the Bible college, I count it as a very great miracle of God when I was told by Pastor Lotie Akondowe the United Caribbean Trust Tanzania representative that a church in Barbados had supported me. < Read more >

I will continue with my testimony. A few years later one of the great preacher in Tanzania Reverend Moses Kolola visited Dar es Salaam and I accept Christ as my personal Saviour.

Since in the company I used to do corrupt and evil things in order to have money once I became saved I could not do so GOD FORBIDS and thus life became so tough I decided to move to Malawi in the 1980’s.
I started a Christian T-shirt company printing Gospel messages - JESUS LOVES YOU. etc.
Later on around 1990s I formed a worship center where people from various churches in our village could come to hear the Gospel and many lives came to Christ. A few months later I formed a church but I had little knowledge of how to lead a church so the church closed and I started doing door to door evangelism. At this time I met Pastor Lotie Akondowi who was still at secondary school, but he had very strong group known as YOUTH FOR CHRIST though he told me that the group was only for the students I had to ask him for the free tracts which he was distributing. This was the beginning of God putting myself and Pastor Lotie in one ministry.

While Pastor Lotie was in Bible school in Lilongwe I continued preaching in various churches and I began to sense a call in my heart to go to Bible school but the question was WHO WILL PAY FOR ME . While at the Bible school Pastor Lotie would encourage me a lot he came to our village to teach us and my yearning to attend Bible School increased.

After his graduation Pastor Lotie called me to tell us about the Restoration Ministries International based in Barbados that had agreed to cover us. A few weeks later we started a church, we were only four me and my wife and Gusto (Loti's uncle) with his wife. One month late we were almost 15 we asked Missionary Ramona from Restoration Ministries International if the church should be called Restoration. She contacted Apostle David Durant in Barbados and they accepted. A few months later we were almost 50, then we had to call Pastor Lotie who stays in Tanzania to come and baptise 15 members. Now the church is expanding we now have women’s ministry a children ministry and a youth ministry. In this case the church needs a person with the knowledge of God thus I need to get to Bible college and soon.

If at all possible I would like to go to school next year 2007 in the January intake. I want to attend the Mbeya Assemblies of God Bible school.

The following are the reason for choosing the Assemblies of God Bible school in Mbeya

1. Islam religion is the fastest growing religion in the world, they use various ways of expanding themselves such as helping the poor people and the needy. So as a Christian if you go to preach to such people will not understand you. I can see this style coming so fast in our African countries, thus I want to study in Mbeya which is full of Moslems and the Bible School has an excellent course on witnessing to Moslems.

2.From Karonga to Mbeya it is not so far in this case I will have time to visit my family and church as well.

3.Since now we are planning to have the city church in Mbeya I want to play a big part in this vision as well.

Finaly how glad I would be if I can be sponsored so that I can go to school next year God willing.

600USD is enough for one year. The money will be used to pay tuition fee, buying of school materials and my transport from Karonga to school {Mbeya]

Thanks very much in advance

Pastor Kumbuka Mazgu Mwenda

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