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Voices for Haiti

Vision Statement
Voices for Haiti, (VFH) envisions a Haiti, where the least fortunate people, the children, will become the educated majority, independent thinkers and leaders of the future. Community minded they, will understand a brighter future rests on supporting one another in unity. Equipped to compete in the global society, they will have accessed the same educational database with the world community.

Mission Statement
A not for profit Christian organization, who's mission is to alleviate the needs of the impoverished Haitian children, orphans and families by providing them with medical relief and educational assistance. We further uplift the needy, by supporting and partnering with existing organizations which share in our values to provide humanitarian aide and relief to the afflicted.

Voices for Haiti in the midst of Hurricane Response

The past few weeks have been difficult ones for Haiti as the devastation of hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike have left a death toll in the hundreds, tens of thousands homeless, and hundreds of thousands of people in dire need of humanitarian aid. The destruction has hampered relief efforts as roads and bridges to areas most-affected are damaged and unusable. VFH is hard at work raising funds to send to our team in Haiti to help in our relief efforts. Your help is desperately needed. Please go to our donate page to help us with all you can in this time of great need.

Voices for Haiti has partnered with other organizations and institutions to provide free housing, and educational and medical services to thousands of needy children. We seek to, primarily, educate the children and their families; however, we are very cognizant that education cannot be complete unless the child is fed, clothed and housed.

VFH has allied itself with partners such as Habitat for Humanity to provide volunteers and funds for construction of new homes. In partnership with ADRA Haiti, we assist in feeding children and families. Every child who enters our school is fed one meal a day. Twice a year our physicians and nurses travel to Haiti to provide free medical care and medicines to our children and their families. In addition, we run free medical clinics for the surrounding communities and churches. Though we no longer run an orphanage, we support many orphanages throughout the Island. A list of the orphanages our organization assisted last year is available on our partner page.

VFH specializes in these areas of outreach:

- Orphanage & Sponsorship

- Education

- Medical

- Housing Assistance

Read more about Juliet Rock, PhD, RNC

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