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Stonecroft Ministries Trinity Bible Study series adapted for youth in Africa
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Where is the Holy Spirit Series

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a. Review:

To review, consider what we have learned about the Holy Spirit in the first lesson.

From Question 1:
What other name did Jesus give the Holy Spirit? . . . . . (The Helper)
Who sent Him?. . . . . (God the Father)
What was He to do? . . . . . (Teach the disciples and remind them of what Jesus said.)

From Questions 4 and 5:
How was the Holy Spirit involved in our lives before we became Christians?. . . . .
(He convicted us of sin and showed us we need a Savior.)

From our discussion:
When does the Holy Spirit enter a person’s life? . . . . . (when a person receives Jesus Christ as his Savior)

From Question 7:
We learned that the Holy Spirit is a person who has the same attributes as God and Jesus. Name the three attributes we talked about. . . . . (All-knowledge, eternal existence, and giver of life)

The one and only living God, the Creator of heaven and earth, sent His Holy Spirit to actually enter our being when we receive God’s gift of salvation. As we close, we can thank God for giving us His Holy Spirit to guide us.


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