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Stonecroft Ministries Trinity Bible Study series adapted for youth in Africa
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Where is the Holy Spirit Series

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Many would describe the Christian life as a roller-coaster experience—full of ups and downs. They enjoy the uptimes of special closeness with God, but seem unable to avoid frequent, discouraging downtimes of difficulty with sin.

Jonathan Edwards, known as America’s greatest theologian, said that the successful Christian life is not a continual series of mountaintop experiences. Instead, it is living with an ever-increasing awareness of God’s presence— in the home, the school, the workplace, the church, and the community. It is delighting in the Lord as a way of life.

That is what this Bible study is all about. We want to be aware of the Holy Spirit in our lives every day. After all, if it were possible to live the Christian life on our own, God would not have given us the Holy Spirit. It is His power that gives us the desire and the ability to live on an increasingly stable level without roller-coaster extremes.

We do not use the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit uses us.

Where is the Holy Spirit? He is living and working in the lives of those who belong to Jesus Christ. May you continually enjoy His presence in your life.

Lucille Fern Sollenberger

What wonderful memories of visits to Headquarters in the 90’s
Seen here Peggy Tryhane the Caribbean District Consulting Coordinator and Area Rep at Ozarks with Mrs Helen Duff Baugh, the founder and National Chairman of the Christian Business and Professional Women's Councils that grew to become Stonecroft, along with Ms. Lucille Fern Sollenberger, the author of the Bible Studies.

The Youth 'Where is the Holy Spirit' Series has been complimented with additional games, skits/drama and visual aids to make it more 'youth friendly'. Including Active Praise Chorus and Worship videos to be downloaded in each lesson.

Additional teaching PowerPoints for the youth and Colouring pages for the Juniors have been sourced from Bible For Children your favorite stories from the Bible, absolutely free and now in 502 different languages!

Further resources from Sermons4Kids are being utilized including object lessons, children's activities, Bible colouring pages, games, and crafts.

We thank Stonecroft for giving permission to translate this excellent Trinity Bible Study Series for the churches and communities in Africa.

Translation is under way into Swahili for Tanzania and Kenya, Chichewa for Malawi, French for DR Congo and Haiti.

Recently a donation from Barbados Stonecroft's Christian Women's Club will enable us to establish a 'Printing Press' in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Thanks to our translation team that have worked to see this become a reality.

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