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Zimbabwe mapFormerly the British Crown colony of Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe in the 1900 evolved into a "white man's country" orchestrated by the British, with almost 300,000 resident Europeans within its borders.

This takeover prompted national pride and local guerrilla wars that soon turned into major civil war, which eventually began the change to a black-majority rule and its independence from the United Kingdom in 1980. Once it gained its freedom, it called itself Zimbabwe, a name meaning "house of the chief."

Since Independence Day, Robert Mugabe, the nation's first prime minister, has dominated the country's political system.

The country is world famous for Victoria Falls, and as one of Africa's largest and most impressive concentrations of national parks, wildlife and superb scenery.

Much of the fall and most of the winter in Zimbabwe is dry and cool. The rainy season, or Green Season, (Nov - April) is hot with the heaviest rains falling in the eastern mountain forests. The far south is arid with very little rainfall.

Religions Syncretic (50%), Christian (25%), others

Compliments of Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Coat of Arms depicts two kudus on the left and right, each standing on top of an earthly mound composed of stalks of wheat, a pile of cotton, and a head of maize. At their feet there is also a banner emblazoned with the Zimbabwe national motto (Unity, Freedom, Work). The shield itself is green, featuring 14 waves of alternating white and blue waved lines at top (chief argent), and also at the center of the shield a representation of the ancient Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe is shown. Placed behind the shield are an agricultural hoe (to the left) and an AK-47 automatic rifle (to the right), both of which are tied with twisted strips of green and gold silk. On the crest, the red star and the Great Zimbabwe Bird, which are also depicted in the national flag, are shown.

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