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Niche Market - Persecuted Christians in Kenya
Goshen Citizenship By  Investment Development Project  CBI niche market persecuted Christians in Kenya

Almost 40,000,000 Christians live in Kenya

Most of the persecution of Kenya’s Christians comes from the Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab. The group, based in neighboring Somalia, has conducted numerous attacks targeting Christians in Kenya, a majority-Christian country.

Kenyans can only travel to a few African countries and the Caribbean without obtaining a visa.

The Kenyan Goshen CBI Project has numerous benefits:

• Obtaining a second passport and citizenship.
• The opportunity to visit a beautiful Caribbean island once a year for a holiday in your Timeshare villa/condo
• Securing a 14,500 sq ft house plot with planning permission to develop, with infrastructure and underground utilities in place
• The ability to live in a lovely safe Kenyan gated community
• With its own church and Kenyan restaurant
• Supporting 12 house families and 72 Kenyan orphans in our PEARYL Project

All for a minimum investment of US $400,000

Profits from the Kenya CBI's will be invested in bringing assistance to the Christians in Kenya, establishing PowerPlay Child Care Centres working with our local Kids In Ministry International leaders in Kenya.

Rev. Kennedy Salano and his wife.

God called Rev Kennedy Salano four years ago to provide a ray of hope through Jesus Christ to desperate children living in great poverty, hunger, strife, AIDS, illness, dysentery, crime, drugs, human waste and hopelessness.

Profits from CBI Kenya will be channeled into organizations such as these providing hope to the hopeless.

2.The Jews

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