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Project Hope
Goshen Citizenship by  Investment Programme CIP Project Gioe Child Care Centre Goshen Citizenship by  Investment Programme CIP Project Gioe Child Care Centre Goshen Citizenship by  Investment Programme CIP Project Gioe Child Care Centre

When children are exposed repeatedly to traumatic events the result is a proportion of them that develop disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Without assistance, these children are at significant risk for delinquency, substance abuse, school drop-out, and difficulties in their own relationships. Societies throughout the Caribbean and in Barbados are primarily matriarchal. Thus, when children are abused or find themselves trapped in negative situations, their children automatically become victims.

Project Hope's Hope House will place a strong emphasis on the Spiritual positive psycho-social aspects in children's care.


Hope House will provide:

• Trauma resolution which will be for children who have been exposed to abuse and other negative experiences.

• Positive parenting program aimed to help the mothers tackle the demands of parenting, thus reducing the incidence of physical and emotional abuse to children because of the mother’s frustration. Fathers will be encouraged to participate as co-parenting of both father and mother, where possible the father is known, will be strongly encouraged.

• Family Life Education.

• An after school care program which will provide creative ways for the children to work through their feelings and emotions.

• Character building programs such as ‘Character First’ to help the children build habits of honesty, diligence, responsibility and develop a caring attitude.

• A program called ‘KidsGames’ which is a sport focused, value-based, global initiative for children between the age of 5 – 11

• A program called ‘Kicking AIDS Out’ which trains youth sport leaders to become skilled in a peer-to-peer approach that they can adopt in their sport programs and activities that they are already leading. Kicking AIDS Out promotes that youth will be more receptive to the information and education through a peer-to-peer approach that is integrated into existing and well organized sport programming.

• A program called ‘Children Are People’ which addresses drug abuse. Drug Abuse is one of the most consistent and significant contributors to the social problems in existence in our island today. Thus, the primary objective of this proposed program is the facilitation of drug abuse prevention.

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