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Love Packages Tanzania Distribution

Thanks to Steve Schmidt of Eagles Nest Ministries, USA, for the Love Packages sent to Africa through United Caribbean Trust to Tazania.

Thanks to Apostle David Akondowe for all his hard work to clear and distribute the first Love Package container to arrive in Tanzania.

The Dar es Salaam distribution resulted in 30 churches benefiting from this wonderful blessing.

The remainder of the books, Bibles, Devotional, Bible Studies, Children's curriculum and 60 boxes of French material were transported down to the African Training Bible School Headquarters in Mbeya, Tanzania.


Praise God the Pastors at the Bible School were given material and each left with a box of Bible Studes, Bibles and Devotionals.

How wonderful to see these Pastors again, many of who were at the KIMI training done in Africa all the way back in 2011!

83 people attended the Mbeya Kids in Ministry International PowerClub leadership training hosted at House of Freedom Tanzania in 2011. Representing 30 different churches from the area.

Seen here Jenny Tryhane in the front dressed in her Massai wrap- a gift from the team.

Seen here Jenny Tryhane in the front dressed in her Massai cloth - a gift from the team.
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