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Moringa Processing

For commercial use plant 10 x 10 cm apart or one million plants per hectare.

Moringa can be planted ½ to 1 meter apart along the border to form a living fence.

Moringa can be planted 3 meters apart and allowed to grow tall and mature to pods and seeds.

These mature Moringa can provide seed for propagation or the production of BenOil.

If the objective is production of green fodder with a maximum of protein then harvesting should be done every 30 – 40 days.

1 hectare of land planted with intensive Moringa 10 cm apart and harvested 9 times per year can produce 650 tons of Moringa which can meet the Vitamin A needs of 15,000 children!

Scarves, masks, gloves and overcoats are worn to meet food hygiene standards. The leaves are picked off the stems which can also be used for animal fodder.

The first wash is done in catchment water or well water but the second wash is done in clean filtered water.

Ensure the area is roden free and away from direct sunlight. This process may take three days

Drying Equipment:
Staging can consist of trays that are removable for easy access to the Moringa leaves once dry

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