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Early Childhood Music Program

Out of the mouth of babes and unweaned infants Thou hast ordained praise...Psalm 8:2a
Early Childhood Music

We have a life-changing program that works! Music research shows that children who are involved in preschool piano lessons with singing have greater brain function that lasts their entire lifetime.

And that is just the beginning. Music lessons also help develop the characteristics that you want developed in your child.

Characteristics like social skills and perseverance.

Seen here the children in America that are experiencing excellent results from the program.

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Early Childhood Music

Success in music, success in life, it's no coincidence. (Yamaha)

Studies have shown that music study enhances brain function in very young children…in fact the earlier the better. The challenge has been to find a method of teaching preschool children that works. Well we have.

Early Childhood Music
Early Childhood Music
Early Childhood Music


UCT is trusting God that the partnership with Stonecroft will enable us to get this excellent material translated into the different languages needed to extend the program into all the various countries.


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