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Africa Mission Trip 2015

Departure from Barbados enroute to Africa Arrival in Africa Hope Child Care Centre church Hope Child Care Centre childrens evantelism Bundibugio Bundibugio Moringa School Community Pilot Project Busia Springs of Hope school Moringa School Community Pilot Project Kassassi Moringa Church Community Pilot Project Lisa bringing a prophetic word Lisa child evangelism Rev Abraham Kissembo Jenny Lisa and Margie in Luwero receiving our mats Uliwa Malawi one day Pastors seminar Lisa child evangelism in Chunya ATBS Malawi Jenny and Bishop David Akondowi in Tukuya ATBS Malawi Jenny and Bishop David Akondowi and his beautiful wife Stella in Mbeya Tanzania
Seen here arriving in Uganda airport.

Jenny Tryhane the founder of UCT, has just returned safely from a six week mission trip to Africa, she was joined by Lisa Gardier.

Thanks to our Barbados sponsors that have enabled us to bless these precious children.

Seen here arriving in Uganda airport.

Jenny Tryhane the founder of UCT

Lisa Gardier, the Vice Chair of UCT

We were met by Rev Abraham Kisembo our UCT Uganda representative and our first stop was the Hope Child Care Centre (HCCC) our orphanage in Kampala.

CLICK to visit our HCCC party.

How wonderful to be able to share the Good News of Salvation with the children from Hope Child Care Centre.

Heaven is a free is not something you work for or deserve.

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What a privilage to pray for little Joy at our Hope Child Care Centre.

What a delight to be able to worship with our children for the very last as we prepared to leave Africa and return to Barbados.

To be able to pray for them, break generational curses and negative word curses spoken over their lives.

And speak positive blessings into their lives.

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Africa Community Moringa Project:

Africa Community Moringa Project:

Black grow bags were purchased and Moringa seeds distributed to the leaders. The children will be taught farming principles using the Moringa seed as a visual aid.

Teachers have been taught from various Christian schools in Uganda and have embraced the Africa Moringa Project.

Seen here in Faith Power Preparitory Nursery School in Bundibugo.

A children’s colouring Moringa book has been produced, in various languages and will teach them the nutritional and medicinal values of Moringa and can also be used as educational posters for their schools and churches.

Seen here at one of the KIMI Leadership Training's graduation.

In 2011 Jenny spent 3 months in Africa training over 300 children’s ministers and Pastors in Kids in Ministry International (KIMI) establishing 'PowerClubs' in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and DR Congo.


Our team will now return to refresh and encourage the African team

We will be hosting 8 half day Pastors’ Seminars starting in Bundibugo, in western Uganda, Bugeri in eastern Uganda and Busia in Uganda on the first leg of the Mission Trip.


We will also be hosting 8 children’s Evangelism Outreaches.

Seen here Lisa in Busia, Uganda at the Springs of Hope Orphanage an school.

Each outreach will cost around US $200 (Bds $400) and we are seeking your support in this matter.

Thanks to our Barbados sponsors.

Click on the picture links below to view the various destinations we will visit:

CLICK to view the  KIMI Leadership Training Bundibugyo - Uganda
CLICK to view the KIMI Leadership Training Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania
CLICK to view the KIMI Leadership Training Mbeya Tanzanai
CLICK to view the KIMI Leadership Training  Karunga -Malawi
Bundibugyo - Uganda
CLICK to view the KIMI Leadership Training Uluwa Malawi
CLICK to view the KIMI Leadership Training Tunduma Tanzania
KIMI Leadership Training Bugiri Uganda
Jenny Tryhane with  Pastor David

The first training will be in Bundibugyo, western Uganda where we will do a 1/2 day Pastors seminar as well as a 1/2 day children’s evangelism outreach program following the ‘Fun Tastic Fun Fair’.

We would love to bless these children with light refreshments after the outreach and are appealing for your church to sponsor an outreach at US $200 (Bds $400).

Some children’s outreaches will be in schools such as the Faith Power Preparatory Nursery School in Bundibugyo.

Some will be under the Mango tree!

Some will be in orphanages, or churches even a Bible School but ALL will be led by the Holy Spirit and we are praying for many souls as we enlarge the PowerClubs in Africa.

Seen here our Hope Child Care Centre children.

If you feel that your church would like to sow into this fertile soil all cheques can be made payable to:

Bank: FirstCaribbean International Bank
Bank Address: Warrens, Barbados
Account Name: United Caribbean Trust/Project Hope
Account No: 1001122524
Intermediary Bank: Wells Fargo

United Caribbean Trust/Project Hope
P O Box 5123
Warrens, St. Michael, BARBADOS

Thanking you for your help and support over the years.

Contact Jenny at

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