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Pastor Happy Petit Martinique Church Building Project 2008 Carriacou Hurricane Shelter

Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary- April 2005


Extracts from an email sent to U.C.T in February prior to hurricane Emily in July 2005

Pastor Happy

"We have another challenge, please keep us in prayer and tell other overseas about it, who knows what the Lord has in store.

We have been give notice to leave the place that we are keep service right now, because the owner is coming back from the U.S.A. and wants to push down everything.

As you know, our church has been a distribution center since after the hurricane; we brought in a ship fully loaded with clothes, food stuff, water and other things for Carriacou. These were distributed house to house."

"This congregation will be homeless in July 2005 so your help is needed". Pastor Happy

This became a reality on Thursday 14th July 2005 when hurricane Emily ripped across Carriacou destroying the little church and leaving many of its congregation roofless.

Meet the congregation

Carriacou Church without Limits


Land has been donated to the 'youth of the island' for the erection of a new church in Carriacou.

Land has been donated to the 'youth of the island' for the erection of a new church in Carriacou. A special thanks to the Grenada government.

Your help is needed to assist Pastor Happy and his congregation as they start to build their new church.

URGENT help is needed in the form of donations and hands of help to build.

Cassada Bay Carriacou

Helpers were housed at Cassada Bay FREE, and the church provided one hot meal per day to anyone visiting the island to help work on the church building project.

Unfortunately Cassada Bay was badly damaged during hurricane Emily and this service is no longer available. But alternate accommodation is available.

Pastor Happy & Sr Denise

Pastor Happy & Sr Denise

Pastor Happy Akasie (Hapstar) was born in Africa. He has had multicultural experiences due to his extensive travel to about 27 countries around the globe.

Answering the call of God has facilitated his further travel to many foreign mission fields.


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The roof is on

The focus remains on getting this church and hurricane shelter completed before the start of the 2006 hurricane season in June.


The Carriacou church building project  underway April 2005

 Laying the foundations

God is building His church on the island of Carriacou, the building continues to astound the local inhabitance as well as government officials who marvel at the hand of God over their island.

See the walls go up...your help is needed click to learn more


The plastering is almost finished,

A new year update

The plastering is almost finished, why not sow into the 'Window seed' appeal. Your help is needed as this young church steps out in faith. No money has been borrowed and God has blessed their efforts.

March 2006 update on the church building project in Carriacou

March 2006

The plastering is almost finished the rafters are up, we trust God for the roof.

April 2006 after what seemed like a long wait the first sheets of galvanize was erected and the painting could start - God is good!



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