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Pastor Happy Petit Martinique Church Building Project 2008 Carriacou Hurricane Shelter

Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary- Church painting project

The young congregation of the church painting the drop ceiling.

Sister Denise always there with her husband Pastor Happy, leading from the front.

May God bless their efforts.

YWAM in Carriacou working on the Church building project

Our church was destroyed by hurricane Emily in June 2005.

The Beginning

Our church was destroyed by hurricane Emily in June 2005.

Land has been donated to the 'youth of the island' for the erection of a new church in Carriacou. A special thanks to the Grenada government.


YWAM in Carriacou 2006 working on the church building project.

They ministered at Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary.

Sunday evening march Transformation Carriacou.

CLICK for other volunteers that have helped with this church building project.


The Carriacou church building project  underway April 2005

 Laying the foundations

God is building His church on the island of Carriacou, the building continues to astound the local inhabitance as well as government officials who marvel at the hand of God over their island.

See the walls go to learn more

The roof is on!



The plastering is almost finished,

A new year update

The plastering is almost finished, why not sow into the 'Window seed' appeal. Your help is needed as this young church steps out in faith. No money has been borrowed and God has blessed their efforts.

March 2006 update on the church building project in Carriacou

March 2006

The plastering is almost finished the rafters are up, we trust God for the roof.

April after what seemed like a long wait the first sheets of galvanize was erected and the painting could start - God is good!



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