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Haitian child

United Caribbean Trust seeks to introduce a Child Awareness Day every month featuring children from around the world.

The Barbadian children will be given information on the life of the children in the countries featured that month.

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On Child Awareness Day the students will be encouraged to bring a bottle of cold water to school instead of purchasing a bottle of soda. This will be a sign of solidarity with the children around the world that often times do not even have water to drink!

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Barbadian school children
Biosand filters from Clean Water for Haiti (CWH)

The US $1 saved will be collected and donated to the UCT's Child Sponsorship Program established within the country being featured that month.

UCT is committed to investing US $30 to purchase a Biosand filter from Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) for every family within our Child Sponsorship Program in Haiti. UCT Founder, Jenny Tryhane travelled to Haiti in December to look at the feasability of extending this project into Honduras and even as far afield as Africa.

Imagine me... Healthy Educated Loved Protected

Complying with two of the Millennium Development Goals -

  • Reduce by two thirds the mortality rate among children under five
  • Reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water

What can we do to help?

United Caribbean Trust (UCT) as part of our Imagine me... school child awareness program seeks to partner with Clean Water for Haiti(CWH)

We also desire to bless the children at the Caanna Orphanage, seen here, with shoe box gifts packed by the children of Barbados in the Christmas 'Make Jesus Smile' project.

Seen below the children of Barbados packing the boxes for the children of Haiti.

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children of Barbados packing the boxes for the children of Haiti. children of Barbados packing the boxes for the children of Haiti.
children of Barbados packing the boxes for the children of Haiti.

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Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) Clean Water for Haiti(CWH) is a volunteer run, faith based missions and humanitarian aide organization started in 2001. As a registered non-profit organization in Canada and the US, CWH works to provide sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Haiti.
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Through Biosand filter projects CWH is able to provide a simple, effective and affordable solution to the lack of clean water sources for Haitian families. The household slow sand Biosand filter is a simple design that uses basic readily available materials, allows for easy production, and they are easy to transport.
There are no moving parts, they do not require electricity and can be used by even the youngest members of the family. With minimal maintenance a Biosand filter can work effectively for over 20 years and can be manufactured, delivered and installed for about $30 US.
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CWH staff and trained Community Stewards (volunteers within a community) provide essential education and support to filter recipients and their communities. By educating people in proper filter use, sanitation and hygiene we are able to give them resources, not only for clean water, but also so they can take proactive steps to prevent the spread of disease which gives them control over their own health.
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Imagine me… being able to help in such a simple but powerful way!

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