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Every Child Matters and UCT is keen to support the well-being of children and young people in Haiti from birth to age 18.

It is our aim for every Haitian child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support they need to:

Be healthy
Enjoy life

Stay safe
Achieve economic well-being
Forge safe connections
Encourage a positive contribution to society

Haiti children at risk

An estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse including the worst forms of child labor in communities, schools and institutions; during armed conflict; and to harmful practices such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage.

Millions more, not yet victims, also remain without adequate protection.

Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their rights to survival, growth and development.

A protective environment is about living in safety and dignity. It helps to ensure that children are in school, laws are in place to punish those who exploit children, governments are truly committed to protection, communities are aware of the risks which children face, civil society addresses certain “taboo” issues and monitoring is in place to identify children who are at risk of exploitation.

Child protection


Imagine me... Healthy Educated Loved Protected

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, 24 February 2004 – UNICEF said today that the violence in Haiti has sent the country’s impoverished health and education systems into a spiral that is threatening the lives of thousands of Haitian children.
Speaking from Port-au-Prince, UNICEF’s representative in Haiti, Ms. Francoise Gruloos, said she is deeply concerned that thousands of Haitian children can no longer access basic public services.

“Children are always the most vulnerable in conflict situations,” Ms. Gruloos said. “And Haiti’s children were already extremely vulnerable. We need to make sure these children are protected and not forgotten amidst the civil disorder.” < Read more >

Haiti children safe in the arms of the church

Children will never be free from exploitation until all levels of society—from the family, church, scchool and the international community—work together.

When any of the layers of the protective environment is stripped away, a child becomes more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and violence.

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Our vision is to raise up godly leaders in Haiti through health and education to strengthen their families, communities and country; bringing relief of poverty and stimulating the economy; and to preach the Gospel so that lives will be saved and transformed for the betterment of Haiti.

Future leaders

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