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The New Testament Church of God has a rich heritage. Courageous men and women of God have laid its foundation and planned the strategies for its growth in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They did so despite racism, marginalization and rejection. They refused to be so silent and dared to “sing the Lord’s song in a strange land.” As a result of their faithful service and the devotion of loyal followers, we now have a denomination, which is firmly set in the Pentecostal Evangelical tradition, organisationally sound, with over 115 congregations and more than 300 ministers serving a set of talented, gifted people across the age range.

Bishop Brown Bishop Brown said: "The time has come for the black majority church leaders to arise and start working together for the welfare of all our people. We have spent enough time building our own images. We must now look at the bigger picture of the issues confronting our communities."

Bishop Brown also talked about issues specific to church life, such as falling membership, church hopping, the lack of unity, leadership training and the church's relationship with the media, saying churches "must respond to these and other issues if we are to regain and retain our credibility as God's people".

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