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Daughters of Destiny- Mission Statement

Daughters of Destiny objectives and goals are embodied in our mission statement;

• To assist in moulding the lives of humanity, especially the women of Barbados, the Caribbean and by extension the world into well rounded citizens.

• To help bring balance in a chaotic world through the Kingship of Jesus Christ using the creativity and compassion He deposited within us.

Daughters of Destiny will be a community-based ministry/organisation that is action oriented. We will operate as a fully registered non-profit organisation (we are in the process of filing the necessary documentation with the Corporate Affairs office).


Daughters of DestinyTo bring women from dormancy to full purpose in God so they can impact on Family, Church and Society.

To prepare and equip God’s women for the future, by breaking the barriers, which mask past hurts and begin peal away the layers of falseness that pervades our homes, churches and society.

• To begin to mend their brokeness.To offer hope in the face of hopelessness.

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