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Last year United Caribbean Trust worked with numerous schools throughout Barbados on the Christmas Make Jesus Smile shoebox project to Haiti. This year we have focused on the Easter project to Suriname, Dominica and Honduras..

Seen here children of the Christ Church Girls Primary School packing shoe boxes for Haiti and Dominica.

Already we are looking ahead to the Christmas 2008 programme and we are targeting 2000 shoeboxes to leave the island for various parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

To make this a long term effort we are seeking to introduce a Child Sponsorship Programme into the schools working with organizations such as the Inter School Christian Fellowship, the Cubs and Brownies, Son Shine Club etc

To fund the project we wish to supply the school and Summer Camps with the fresh, frozen Natural Fruit and Vegetables Juices of the season.

Not only will this be a healthy alternative for the children of Barbados but a large percentage of the profit will go towards helping the Child Sponsorship Programme

Imagine me... Healthy Natural Juices

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