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GUYANA - Good Hope Appeal

Good Hope Housing Scheme is approximately ten miles from Georgetown and lies between the village of Mon Repos and Luswignan, on the East Coast of Demerara.
There is a divide within this housing scheme based on infrastructure development. The divide is made up of Phase 1 and Phase 2. (All of Phase 1 properties have potable water and electricity, no telecommunication system exists.)

Phase 2 has two hundred and seventy- seven house lots with 155 lots being used. Based on the population break down, there are four hundred adults and six hundres children.


There is no portable water or electricity in Phase 2. Good Hope is still currently under water in places and has been poorly looked after during the recent floods. Most of the aid whether food, water or medical attention was mainly done on the railway embankment or within the proximity of Phase 1.


The findings concluded that there were 574 adults, 152 children under the age of 5 years, 197 under 8 years. There were 45 chronically ill persons, the village had a 70% literacy rate and a staggering 90% unemployment due ot the current crisis.

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The residents of Phase 2 decided to form their own community relief organization because of the situation. This consist of five members of Phase 2 community. In choosing the members, we had to identify a senior member of the community and the others being responsible, literate and commited individuals. These included a housewife, Mr Azad Kiran a businessman, Mr Lalta Paul a teacher, a carpenter and a water pump attendant.


A demographic form for each household was designed looking at family members which includes children under five years, literacy levels, and medical history of each family.

It is obvious that Phase 2 was poorly serviced for food and medical attention during the proesent crisis. It was the residents themselves who decided to form this organization to look after themselves. Please help United Caribbean Trust working in association with the GCIFR to help this community, there are 3 cases we wish to showcase and urgently seek your help in these cases.



She is 18 years old and has 3 small children.


Gulshandai Mohan lives with his family on the reserve.


Farida Haniff lives in Good Hope Phase 2 and has lost almost everything


Rhdicia Sugrin sleeps on this bed


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