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Haiti Family Empowerment programme

Part of the Child Sponsorship Programme will be invested into the Family Empowement Programme.

The money from the Child Sponsorship Programme will be divided into 3 modules

  1. The first 4 months the fees will go to the school to cover school fees, uniform, books and pencils etc.
  2. The next 4 months the money will be invested into a Family Empowement Programme enabling the family to purchase livestock's such as goats and chickens. This will not only assist with feeding the family but educate the children in self sufficiency.
  3. The last 4 months will be invested in the After School Club which is being established at the local Restoration Ministries Haiti church.This will include an afternoon feeding programme and an early childhood music educational programme, a character building, sports evangelical teaching programme. This educational programme will be partly funded by the Child Sponsorship Programme and the Adopt a School Programme.

How will we help to feed these children?

1. We will provide seed and tools needed to grow food in family kitchen gardens

2. We will purchase goats and chickens to provide a supply of dairy products and meat.

Pastor Rodrique (right) from Restoration Ministries Haiti, is our UCT Haiti Representative, working in association with Pastor Lafleur (centre), from Restoration Ministries Antigua, will spear head this After School Child Feeding Project.

The first two months of the Family Empowerment programme will fund the importation of the young chicks from Barbados into Haiti where Restoration Ministries Haiti will establish a chicken business. This will be used to supply the local families of the sponsored children with chickens for their own home use and supply the poultry needed for the After School Club Feeding Project.

The money from the last two months of this Family Empowement Programme. will go towards purchasing two young female goats per family.

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The arrangement with the local families receiving these two kids is that when the nanny goats produce their first litter the first kid will be brought back into the house of the Lord as a first fruit offering. Enabling the church ot establish a goat farm to help with the After School Feeding Programme.

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