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Haiti Schools Twinning

The Schools Twinning Educational programme has been designed to create, establish and encourage, linkages between the schools of Haiti, Grenada (Carriacou), Dominica (Carib Territory) Guyana, Suriname and Barbados...

expanding exponentially to enjoy the camaraderie resulting from a global network. .

Schools interested and available for Twinning are located in a number of countries, including:

Bon Repos school

The benefits to be gained for participating schools include:

• the opportunity for lending compassionate support to recovering students of similar age and gender;

• the opportunity to assist in humanitarian relief efforts throughout the Caribbean through the ‘Baby Survival Boxes’ initiative;
• the learning experience of a cultural exchange of information on respective countries;
• the opportunity to form long-lasting friendships via Internet and airmail;
• the exchange of ideas, opinions and “a glimpse” at the lifestyle of another child;
• The opportunity for exposure to alternative working teaching methods, aids and languages;
• The opportunity for schools to obtain or exchange equipment, books and visit each other’s websites with the compliments of the United Caribbean Trust’ website
• The opportunity to visit other islands, staying in Youth Hostel Mission facilities provided at the United Caribbean Headquarters and various Mission Projects.


It is the intention of United Caribbean Trust to create a dedicated web page for each participating school; this page will be useful in lending encouragement to the potential for IT Programmes.

It will facilitate familiarity with computers and will be designed
to attract equipment and other "wish list" donations,

This page is a framework that teachers and pupils can build on. United Caribbean is willing and able to help in this process.

Sports Evangelism will be one of the major niche markets that are targeted. UCT will partner with World Sports Ministries their mission is to reach and help other's reach the lost world through sport with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our objectives are

• To educate, encourage and partner with outreaching churches, ministries and individuals in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ using sport and leisure evangelism.
• To assemble, co-ordinate, train and activate local area interdenominational teams to evangelize through sport in the countries that God calls us to.
• To support and encourage specific sport ministries in fulfilling their calling in the Kingdom of God.
• To form relationships with, help disciple and prepare for sports ministry, sport's men and women who serve Jesus Christ.
• To reach and assist schools and sport's clubs, providing sporting resources and quality coaching.
• To help unite the body of Christ through team work and outreaches.
• To teach sport's participants God's plan for them in the sporting arena.

This is how it all began!

Seen below the first meeting with the principles in Carriacou in October 2004.

Principles, parents and pupils have been interviewed in an attempt to test the market and a very positive response has now encouraged the United Caribbean Trust to proceed with the programme in Barbados, Guyana and Haiti.

Seen here the Carriacou Ministry of Education, Mrs. Gertrude Niles (Click to read letter from Mrs Niles)

A suggestion was made to look into twinning schools from Barbados and Trinidad with schools in Carriacou, Haiti and the Americas, this was met with enthusiasm and with that in mind we agreed to create web pages for each school with a view of building on these pages as supplies are shipped and the situation in the schools eased by the help of the women's NGO's of the Caribbean. < Read more >

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