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Haiti, in the Caribbean, occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic.

Haiti is two-thirds mountainous, with the remainder of the country marked by gentle valleys, extensive plateaus and plains

Haiti is the western hemisphere's poorest country, a poverty-stricken land of urban overpopulation, a people still suffering the wounds of civil strife and oppression.  


It is a vibrant country of colourful art, exciting drama with fantastic music and diverse culture.  

Jean Jacques Dessalines

A land of extremes

Haiti has been plagued by political violence for most of its history since then, and is now one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Over thirty years of dictatorship followed by military rule ended in 1990 when Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a former Catholic priest, was elected president.

The Haitian people live day-to-day with very little hope for the future. Satanic influence and spiritual slavery appear to explain much of modern Haiti. Mixing Christianity with voodoo is a common practice held by many, a practice which gained credibility in 2003 when President Aristide declared voodoo an officially recognized religion.

January 1, 2004 marked the 200th year of independence from France, perhaps offering new hope for the Republic of Haiti with the release of the pact with the devil.
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Haitians are intensely spiritual people whose humour and passion are legendary

Haiti experiences massive inequalities in wealth, an infrastructure devastated by tropical storms, lack of investment and a democracy in tatters.

The average life expectancy is just 44 years, unemployment is 70%, and the average income is two dollars American per day. Less than 1% of the population has a post-secondary education, and only 35% of the Haitian people are literate.

There is indifference of the international community partly due to rampant drug trafficking and political corruption.

The land is now 95% deforested. Comliments of Wikipedia


Our vision is to raise up godly leaders in Haiti through education to strengthen their families, communities and country; bringing relief of poverty and stimulating the economy; and to preach the Gospel so that lives will be saved and transformed for the betterment of Haiti.


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