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Julius Layne -

I was born and raised, in a family of 8, on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. At a very tender age my mother died leaving her young family. During my childhood it was not easy for me as a young man. However the Lord God saw my heart and He saved me.

I moved to Barbados and started drawing closer to God. I became a member at Restoration Ministries International and whilst attending church and working in many areas of ministries I began to feel the call of God to fulfill His purpose in my life as a missionary.

Julius in Tanzania 2006

My health care studies have equipped me to serve God in Tanzania where I am giving health care education and minister to the Spiritual needs of the people.

We are focusing our work within the Maasai tribe. With over 150 Maasais attending the Health Clinics regularly.
We have been ministering to them and educating them on basic Heath Care, nutritional needs, water and sanitation.We have had the opportunity to pray for this tribe and treat their ailments.

Seen here a Massai child being examined by a YWAM Doctor.

I want to thank all my family within the body of Christ, especially at Restoration Ministries for all their help and support that assisted me in getting to Tanzania and maintain my stay here. Please continue to pray for me.

Your financial help is greatly appreciated

YWAM 2003
YWAM 2005

  United Caribbean Trust Sponsor a pastor Adopt a child

September 2003, I became a student at Youth with a Mission Barbados, where I completed a 6 months course in Discipleship Training School.The course is divided into 3 months of lectures and 3 months mission outreach .

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As my studies continued, I commenced the 3 month outreach stage of DTS which took me to Haiti. While there I had opportunities to work with many different groups. I ministered to the needs and hearts of the people.

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I felt the called of God to be apart of YWAM Barbados, as a short term missionary and I became a part of a six members team helping to disciple the student. During this time I believe God released me into my full purpose.

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2005 was my season of training and equipping for better service for the Lord. I started attending the YWAM Foundation Community Development. (FCD) course in Mission, Montana, in the USA.

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