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Kids Games

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    KidsGames is a sports and values based program for 6-14 year olds where companies, churches, schools, community groups, sports organizations and local government can all work together to serve children in the years when the Summer Olympics and World Cup of Soccer occur. The program includes stories by 10 Olympians and World Cup of Soccer players whose experiences provide practical illustrations for the children.

    The KidsGames initiative is run on a local basis across a city, village or region involving hundreds up to tens of thousands of children. To date over three million children in more than 150 countries have participated in KidsGames.

    What are the values of KidsGames?

    • Draws together a range of churches/denominations/agencies in united ministry.
    • Presents an enjoyable integrated program of bible teaching and sports/games involving athletes and participating in sports.
    • Shows sensitivity towards children's culture, age, spiritual development depending on the Holy Spirit to bring a response to the teaching of God's Word.
    • Builds a strengthened support system for kids by seeking involvement of their families and directing them towards the fellowship of the local church.
    • Offers children who become believers appropriate discipleship resources or builds relationships pointing them to Christ.
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